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Con Beggar - 7.14

Sorry about the delay - went on vacation and forgot to come back! Actually, let me tell you guys what's going on. I'm doing art for two upcoming conventions, so they are my focus at the moment, along with new stuff for the table at Otakon! We still want to post comics - I still want to present something polished and pretty for you all, but the coloring may be limited for a little while.

That being said, I've been seeing fundraisers for people to just go to cons. As in just raising money to go. Not cosplay, not work at a vendor's table, not unemployed or ill, not going through a financial hardship - just want to go to a con. I understand the want, but this kind of entitlement kind of blows my mind. If people want to contribute money, that's their business, but you know how to go to cons on limited money?

You budget. You save. You don't spend money on other things. You work to get more money if you can. You talk to friends to see if you can find crash space. You volunteer to help with the con as a gopher and working. There are ways to go to cons besides asking people to give you money.

If you plan well enough in advance and set aside enough funds, you can easily go and have fun. If not, save it for another time.


OTAKON  8.8 - 8.10

INTERVENTION  8.22 - 8.24

ANIME USA  10.3 - 10.5


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